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At Tango, we like to say that were a bit like a San Francisco based software development team, only cheaper, better and cooler, because we're in Mexico.

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Our Mission
At Tango, our mission is meaningful. We believe our work is about more than reaching a finish line. Every step of the way, we strive to create meaningful experiences for our team, our clients, and our communities.

When considering projects and partnerships, we intentionally screen for their potential for meaningful work.   We embrace the diverse perspectives and experiences that contribute to this greater purpose. We are fundamentally a business of people, connections, and relationships — and we believe that meaning is the key to making a difference in the world.
Our Vision
Tango will change the way business is done in Latin American communities. We believe that economic mobility should not be dependent on geography — and we envision a future in which everyone has an opportunity to contribute to (and benefit from) meaningful work.

We will help to create that future by championing the knowledge worker class in Latin American communities and advancing egalitarian business structures. We will achieve economic impact and financial empowerment in the communities we serve, sharing our success with every member of our extended team.

Our core,

tango values.

Seek Truth
When the details are unclear to us, we relentlessly seek them out. This means constantly endeavoring to experiment, communicate, and imagine what’s possible.
Connect deeply
As a team, we communicate frequently and openly to build relationships based on shared understanding. We approach every interaction through a lens of empathy and curiosity.
Geek out
Geeking out means embracing the individual ideas and experiences that make us who we are — because building meaningful partnerships means putting our entire selves into everything we do.
Value time
Resourcefulness means more than efficiency; it means being thoughtful about what we’re asking of others. We give 100% to every partnership and focus on adding value with every interaction.

Meet the Tango Team

Eric Siegfried
Founder & CEO
Jeremy Stryer
Jonatan Juárez
Rubén Betancourt
Executive Product Manager
Founding GM (Mexico)
Felipe Ramirez
Felipe Nevárez
Engineering manager

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